Friday, November 7, 2008

An introduction

So, here you are, wondering why you're even bothering to read this? Sometimes, I'm not sure if I should write this, but my writing skills feel rusty, and I need something to occupy the time.

I suppose you are wondering why I have such a 'chintzy' name, like I'm some sort of secret agent. Well, I think it's kind of cool, and this way, no one knows who I am, nor does anyone get hurt/mad/upset/sore/sad/angry/happy, well the list could go on.

Today, I'm sitting at home, which I occupy with other people. My husband is at work and my children are at school. And work comes later.

Work - well, there's another story. I would like to finish my RN schooling, but not sure how to go about it. We need money, and I need to work. Though, I must admit, I find the mundane day to day work horrific. Lets just say I work in the Customer Service field. It has its ups and downs, mostly being downs. Customers are can be real asshats.

I have two children, who will be referred to as 1 and 2. They are both fairly young. 1 is in school full time, and 2 is in school part time. I love being a mom, but I find, today, a lot of women define themselves as mothers. Like, in an introduction, 'I'm Sam, Seth's Mother' or screen names 'bryansmommy'. While I am a mother, I am many other things. I am woman, wife, child, sister, mother, person, human being(often a human going as well). There is more to myself then my children. I do not want to be a woman who's life revolves around my children (or my husband for that matter). I do not want to be depressed when my children leave the nest, and I have nothing left of myself. I will not lose myself to my children. Don't get me wrong, I love them, and there's nothing more important in this world then my kids, but I was someone before 1 and 2, I still am. I wish more then anything, not to forget myself.

So, dear reader, if you happen across this blog, and have actually read through my crap til here, thank you. Sit back, grab your cup of cofffee, or tea, as the case may be. Enjoy, and welcome to my world. I shall regal you with stories of heartache, happiness, tragedy, and life.

Thank you for letting me share a bit with you.
Secret BlogChick.